Welcome to Cebu Evergreen Park

For almost a decade, Cebu Evergreen Memorial Park has been an important part of the rise of Talisay City, Cebu. Since our founding, Evergreen has committed itself to providing outstanding service and beautiful environments remembering loved ones and family outings. We believe in the celebration of all life and we proudly serve all faiths and cultures.

Whether you are planning how to help your loved ones remember you, memorializing someone special in your life, or joining us in celebrating All Saints and All Souls Days, we invite you to come to Cebu Evergreen Memorial Park.

Visiting our departed loved ones has never been this convenient & hassle-free. No traffic nightmare & long hours on a highly congested road. Roll down your glass windows & enjoy the beauty of nature & even watch the sunset. A truly relaxing way to reminisce their memories.

Why Invest in our Memorial Park?

It's a guaranteed need. Someone will need it someday. We cannot postpone the inevitable, but we can help ease the pain and the burden that comes with it when we face it prepared. It's a Real Estate Investment with the least amount involved.